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Canongate Consulting are property styling experts specializing in Holiday Home rental properties. With over 7 years experience in the industry we have gained a bank of knowledge on what really works in a rental property from towels and linens to decor, furnishings and finishing touches.

The North Northumberland coast is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty therefore presenting the perfect location and opportunity for a variety of holiday lets.

In a competitive market where over 6.4% of household spaces are secondary homes, what will make your property stand out from the rest? What will it be about your property that will make prospective guests stop browsing and book when they scan through your images? What is your unique selling point that really sets you apart? If you’re stuck with how to answer these questions then this is where we can help you.

Here at Canongate Consulting, we can guide you through each stage of anything from starting up a brand new rental property, to renovating and updating an existing one. Your goal may be to increase bookings or get that extra star on your grading. By maximizing your property’s appeal you can potentially maximize your returns, likely with minimal disruption and upheaval with our help. Our knowledge and understanding of the market can help guide you in where to distribute your budget for maximum returns.

We have formed great relationships with an array of local tradesmen over the years that we can highly recommend and will fully manage through to completion.
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